Book Review: The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones (by Cassandra Clare)


I bought it, started reading.. couldn't put it down!
At some point, i was laying in bed and i said to myself just 1 more chapter.. that soon became 3 chapters.. when i finally did put it down, i couldn't sleep i kept on thinking what would happen now that Hodge (their 'mentor') had dissapeared and Valentine had kidnapped Jace and what Clary would do, since she loved him SFM.. I turned on the damn light again and finished the book..

so here is what i think..

In the beginning you get to meet Clary and Simon, as being good friends.. from the beginning it is obvious to the reader that Simon is in love with her, to Clary this isn't, apparently, obvious. Clary witnesses the murder off the blue haired demon, which she thought was a human, by our new friends: The shadowhunters.. Isabelle, Alec and Jace. Which is all good and great.. well written chapters and very detailed characters written in a third person perspective.. at some point in the book Clary finds out that her mother, Jocelyn Fray, was a shadowhunter and with that, so is Clary.. Jace tells Clary that his father has learned him that 'to love is to destroy' so that he has never felt love before.. Simon decides this is a good time to start making Clary jealous and starts drooling all over Isabelle, Clary still doesn't get it.. (madam has got 'the sight' (read: she can see shadowhunters, Demons etc while normal humans can't) but something such as obvious as simon's feeling she is blind too).

It's the evening of Clary's birthday and Jace knocks on her door for a midnight birthday picnick in he roof garden.. my inner fangirl starts going all hyper and i squeel like a pig when they finally kiss.. Jace brings her back to her room and in the hallway they kiss again.. *squee* Simon, who crashed on Clary's bed, opens the door and starts freaking out.. Jace tells Clary that the whole kissing thing wasn't a big deal.. Clary is hurt, Simon is happy to be (somewhat) rid of Jace..

Then you read a couple of pages from what Jace is feeling/thinking and you can see he's falling in love with Clary, but he doesn't recognize the feeling, since he has never loved before..

They find the Mortal Cup, a cup which can make normal children into shadowhunters, one off the three mortla intruments that Valentine is trying to find, and Alec is badly injured in the whole fight.. Back at the institute Jace and Clary are more concerned over how Alec will hold up than over the cup, so they forget they even have that thing.. Jace and Clary stand in a hallway, heads and noses touch eachother, Jace says: 'Oh Clary, what is happening to me' (you're in love dipshit!) and then Hodge walks in to ruin the freaking moment! they go to his office, they talk, clary says 'oh but i do have the cup', Hodge is happy, Valentine comes to get the dang thing, knocking Jace to the ground, Clary had hidden herself.. Valentine takes Jace with him, Hodge makes a run for it..

Luke, the werewolf 'uncle' and good friend off her mother, who is actually called Lucian tells Clary that (to make a long story short) Valentine is her father *dun dun dun duuun*.. so Luke and his pack go with Clary to Valentine..
Clary sees Jace in new, unbloody clothes, his wounds are in bandages,.. the boy's been looked after.. so they are all happy to see eachother.. and then.. Jace says that there's been a mistake.. andit's all flowers, bees, honey and sugarplums now.. yes because, guess what, his father wasn't death, no.. his father is here.. ZOMG i think.. Michael Wayland is still alive, isn't that great.. Clary tells him that Valentine is Lying to him, and Jace says that he's seen his father so it's the truth, because his father has given him the clothes he's wearing.. than VALENTINE walks in to ruin the moment.. and.. ugh.. Jace and he go all 'yes father' 'how great son' *puke*.. Clary tells Jace that Valentine is lying to him.. and valentine tells Jace is his sister.. Jace is shocked.. (who isn't)..

Valentine, the smart guy, figured out that Clary is in Love with Jace and tells Jace this.. blah blah blah.. Valentine goes trough a portal to Idris, Clary and Jace go home... They still love eachother like maniacs.. and at the end Clary convinces Jace to come with her to see Jocelyn, her mother, whom is also his mother..

i loved the book, it's well written, detailed and an addictive story..
but, Cassie ruined the book by making those two siblings..
The sexual tension between them was utterly perfect.. and at the end all i could think off was not to throw up..

So i threw the book aside..
when i got home (i read it on vacation) i read the synaposis off book 2 and 3 on wiki.
great way to spoil it, but i just had to know, was she going to keep up with this bullshit?
apparently so, in book 2, Clary still madly in love with Jace, and them being siblings apparently doesn't stop them from making out, starts dating Simon for awhile.. and at some point not anymore.. and in Book 3, yes people, she saved her own damn book series! It is said that Jace was the son off two other peepz and that the woman killed herself and Valentine cut her preggerz belly open and raised jace himself.. and apparently we do meet the REAL Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern, Clary's brother..
Oh and Alec, is gay and in love with Jace.. lol... just brilliant..

So short version:
Read this book, it's awesome, BUT do read all 3 off the series to get ur Clary/Jace fix.. because if you just read book one (like me) the whole thing will suck..
Tonight, i will start in book two.. so.. i'll review that too.. Hollah!
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Back from LDN, and still alive..

So, back from vacation.. 8 days London.. it was awesome..
The bookworm and geek in me decided is was time to go read something other than Twilight all the time, so I bought myself the first book in the Mortal Instruments serie (by Cassandra Clare) and the first novel in Stieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy.

I'll review City of Bones (C. Clare) in the next post..

London was still there, most off the time it was sunny, but at times showers.. nothing bad, it didn't ruin anything..
we went to see all the 'standard' tourist spots (Buck Palace, Biggie Ben, Tower Bridge, Super Tampon Swiss Re tower etc. etc.) and besides that we also payed a quick visit to the Chelsea and Arsenal stadiums, because Benthe is completley in love with Frank Lampert, John Terry and Fabregaz (or whatever).. we went shopping on Oxford Circus, Piccadilly, Notting Hill (Portobello Road) and in Harrods.. and we went to see the new Harry Potter movie in the Empire Theatre on Leicester Square on the 15th.. It was a great movie, but there was just so much that was left out.. sad..

We saw Chinatown, Soho, Kyoto Garden, went out to picnick in Hyde park, Holland Park and Kensington Gardens. And nearly killed all the annoying tourist Japz with their gignormous cameras and their magic power to suddenly stand still in the middle off the freakking road!

I bought a super cute leather jacket @ Script (Covent Garden), a tee saying 'NO I AM NOT ON F#@$^%* FACEBOOK' @ Bello Market (Portobello Rd), a green plaid blouse @ Topshop, a casual white long vest @ Zara, sleeping short from david and goliath @ Topshop, a new retro watch @ Notting Hill, a black top/dress (Anglomania Linen) @ Vivienne Westwood, this Hoodie from VS Pink @ Victoria Secret, All stars, Minnetonka's, a long dress and another pair off Keds. And souvenirs and crap..

It was great, next year: Spain, Turkey, Greece, Italy or America.. we'll see..

On the 8th of august, me and Benthe are housesitting the big Villa in Bosch en Duin again.. for two weeks.. so that'll be swimming and inviting friends over for a BBQ :)

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(no subject)

it is now 1:19 pm
I'm at my computer
and it is now 7 days till my trip to London
i'll be staying there 8 days
and let's just hope i don't die, the plane doesn't crash, the mexican flu doesn't get me, the appartement suite doesn't stink or look like a cupboard (altho.. *HP1 Flashback* naaaah! XP) or a litterbin for that matter..

sfm excited and can't wait to go shopping..

My phone.. i hate that little mthrfckr.. i own a sony ericsson mobile phone.. and about two and half weeks ago i returned it to the store.. the keypad wasn't working well anymore and it had cracks in it.. 4 days later they gave it back supposedly fixed.. it worked for another week and then i had to go back.. because the keys didn't want to work anymore.. it is now 1,5 week back at Sony and i haven't heard anything or got the thing back.. it's so frustrating.. i think i'll just buy a new one.. i was thinking off either a Samsung Star or the LG Cookie.. or Arena.. idk.. i'll see..

btw.. i've lost a modest total off 15 kilo's (33 pounds) now since the day i started, and with that 10 cm (4 inch) around my waist.. this morning i looked in the mirror and i could honestly tell myself, i looked thin.. i was shocked to the point off inbelieve.. but hell.. i looked good ^^

so yay for dropping weight, yay for holidays and not so much yay for sony telephones..

oh! and i want to buy myself some VS PINK shirts! they're so adorkable!

and if i read it correct, there's a VS store on 10 Margaret Street, in London *yay*

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MUSE, Live, Ahoy, Rotterdam.. November 14th 2009

just give me a minute here.. fangirling.. brb!

Saturday, June 13th 2009
7.30 am

I wake up and make myself breakfast.. just Kellog's Special K cereal and milk, nothing fancy.. I go back to my room and switch on my computer.. and stay there..

9.55 am
I'm now preparing myself completely for the race against time, the sleezebag dealers who buy ticketts at normal rate and sell them for thrice the official price and the other MUSE fans..

10.00 am
I'm trying my dang hardest to get two ticketts, in the middle off the arena, where you can stand.. it's impossible! The site kept coming up with errors and it just wouldn't work.. I tried to call the darn people to sell me two ticketts, but the computer message woman kept telling me: 'This call costs 45 cents a minute with a maximum of 22 euros'  and then it disconnected.. I called 7 times (and since you pay even to hear her voice, that's 7x45ct) .. the last time she told me to 'call back later, because all our lines are busy right now'.. STFU WOMAN!.. impossible..

10.19 am
I found out that, via the seating map you can select ticketts and I have managed to secure one! ONE! I obtained one whole ticket to the dang MUSE concert..

10.20 am till 11.50 am
I kept refreshing the map, but it seemed to me it was long sold out.. I was starting to give up hope.. I was sick.. (throwing up since wednesday and feeling like a bag off dog shit set on fire) and this wasn't really helping..
So at 11.50 I decided to give it one more shot, to call the dang computer woman one more time.. and HOLD ON! BREAKTROUGH! I was 32nd in line.. 
oh my gosh

11.57 am
After 7 minutes I was 2nd.. (reminder: 45ct per minute! ^^.. LOVELY!) and holy moley! I got trough.. BUT.. I forgot.. THEY SUCK! so I had to wait.. every 30 seconds Ms. Computer Voice came back.. to ask me.. 'please have a little more patience, we'll help you as soon as possible'  DIE WOMAN DIE!

11.58 am
I was still refreshing my seating map page.. and was still waisting my 45ct a minute on some stupid Simone* clone! (*the movie, with the computer animated actress.. remember? k.. nevermind)  

12.00 pm
I threw down the phone, my hands shaking, my eyes filled with tears from being so damn tired and frustrated.. I was just gasping and shaking.. constantly.. while I was paying for the 2nd tickett.. OMG I HAVE A SECOND TICKETT!

Sunday June 14th 2009
3.40 pm


My name is Liset.. and yesterday, I died a little..
Me and my best friend, Benthe, will be attending the most likely to be beautiful and amazing 2009 concert of MUSE, as they will be performing in Ahoy, Rotterdam (The Netherlands) on their The Resistance tour..
Please excuse me while I die a little more..



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Two posts in ONE evening! Hell Yeah!

Guess that makes up for my constant absence..

Okay.. Here's something i which someone would participate in, but i know everyone will just scroll over this post like they do with all my posts XD (can't blaim you)

Do this:
1. List 10 celebrities you would have sex with without even asking questions.
2. Supply photos for said people.
3. Supply reason(s)
4. Sigh

Here we go:
(In no particular order)


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All i do is lie, lie, lie and FUCKING LIE!!!!

Just for fun, since i have no life what so ever!

1. Are you male or female?
I wear it on the right side and scratch my balls every 5 minutes, and it's 24 cm long. Does that answer your question?

2. What is your birthday and how old are you?
I was born on the 13th of October 1901, i'm 108 years old.

3. Where do you live?
Vancouver, Canada

4. Do you have living relatives like parents, siblings, spouse or children?
No, everyone either died or abandoned me.

5. Do you take part in politics? If so what party/candidate do you support/vote for?
I LOVE politics! 100% obsessed, I can't sleep if i don't know what's up in the country.. I'd totally vote for CDA, cause Balkenende is just such a great man, just look at him, he just looks like a great Prime Minister!

6. Where do you work or study at?
I go to school at Forks High and work for my local Mc Donalds..


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This is me getting way too excited..

I stoked with the New Moon rehearsel photos..
My heart stopped with the Black house and Jake car pix

now please kill me with some casting announcements!

Yay for castingannouncements on the pack, Caius and Heidi!
Not so much yay on DakFan.. but hey.. i'll cope!

One Word: WOW!

So wireimage has some photos of Taylor..


anyhow.. i'm happy Taycob will be back, he's never been my first choice for Jake, but i hate recasting and the kid worked so hard for it.. he deserves it... :)
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