Liset Eveline (lee_seth) wrote,
Liset Eveline

The Wolf Pack Thing I Mentioned On Lion_lamb

So some couldn´t see the site because it was set to private, so i´ll post it here..

14 Dec 2008

Wolf Pack Speculations


Wolf Pack Speculations

Including Taylor (not offical), Solomon and Krys as Jacob, Embry and Sam there are some other spots for the werewolf pack including Paul, Jared Quil ect... These are some speculations for the rest of the cast.

Eddie Spears (Quil):

Kalani Queypo (?):

Tokala Clifford (?):

Tatanka Means (on the right):

*i added a few pictures because the ones that were posted were all either small, unclear or just one.. so.. err.. yea..*


Tags: castings, new moon, twilight
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